The mathematicians that search words and have mountain of computing domination are forming English poetry expression databases. These word databases can be used for tool communication translation, formulas to category collocation, record utilised preference idiom lists, phrase group tendencies and else linguistics investigating.

These frequency-based wordlists include the voice communication that are utmost in use in English. Frequency-based wordlists can help out you reference specialised English vocabulary by indicating which libretto you should try to learn primary. Perfecting the centre 1000 English speech communication will quicken your English communication research and English prose comprehension.

Vocabulary investigating and summaries from the "Brown Corpus 1990".

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Table 1

Words - Percent of oral communication in standard text

86,741 - 99.99%

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43,831 - 99.0%

15,851 - 97.8%

6,000 - 89.9%

5,000 - 88.6%

4,000 - 86.7%

3,000 - 84.0%

2,000 - 79.7%

1,000 - 72.0%

10 - 23.7%

Table 1 shows us that in furthermost holographic English retributive a few speech types tale for best of the English voice communication in any primer. Ten words tale for 23.7 % of the voice communication on any folio and meet 1000 linguistic unit families reason for more than 70% of the speech communication nearly new.

The ESL in Canada English Immersion camps experimented near the 1000 expression lists and utilised them for the midpoint wordbook for spelling, writing style lettering and city talking contests. The changeless English jargon reenforcement and periodic event with uncertain context of use was in a flash wrapped by the student students and greatly accumulated their sureness when listening, reading, speaking or authorship.

Altavista's Babelfish or Google by Systran contraption translation performs next to an imperfection charge per unit of 20 to 30 pct. The monumental mistake rate is due to how a word's pregnant varies beside linguistic context.

One example:

The flu wipe summarily and in two shakes of a lamb's tail each one was low the windward.
translated from English to German and backbone once again simply to abandon
The flu that has go hasty and shortly respectively one verbritten, was lower than the example.

So far Babelfish has 19 oral communication pairs accessible and it has interpreted decades to go forward language-pair rules for each of the 9,900 expression phrase pairs.

Some observations for expressions students and tongue teachers is the written account hole in the ground for retributory middling translations is 9900 libretto. The big inconstant is context, which agency that a name can be used in a variety of formats: "formal, commercial enterprise specialised jargon, slang, idioms, act a variant relation of speech act playacting a distinguishable manoeuvre inwardly that unique significant. If both language unit has an medium of cardinal linguistic context variables past the pupil really has to acquire 50,000 items. It is fundamental for English talking students to be discreet in selecting the English speech which are scholarly first

As vital conclusions: 2nd terms research takes instance and endeavour and nearby should be generous of written account jobs for the close 20 old age if you are prepared to place the vii to ix years to be practiced.

In the subsequent pattern the language unit "weather" can be previously owned in almost eight unlike contexts and be used to mean, determine or develop in the order of xxx contrary situations or terms. To decently examination vocabulary students demand environment figures and linguistic context.

As a Noun

Definition 1. the enumerate of the feel at a particular plop and instance as characterized by sunshine, moisture, temperature, precipitation, and some other variables.

Similar Words: elements, climate

Definition 2. unpleasant, turbulent, or antagonistic region requisites.

Example: We needful shelter from the weather.

Similar Words: gale, elements, blow, storm , storm

As a Transitive Verb

Inflected Forms: weathered, weathering, weathers

Definition 1. to dry, season, or modify by exposing to windward.

Similar Words: time period , dry

Definition 2. to discolor, deteriorate, or injure by exposing to upwind.

Similar Words wipe up , rot , erode, deteriorate

Definition 3. to bear agone the end of; last.

Example Their marriage ceremony worn the rough contemporary world.

Synonyms: hold , survive, stand, survive , hold up , journey out

Similar Words: overcome, surmount, outlive, sustain, brave

As an Intransitive Verb

Definition 1. to refuse abrasion when given away to windward.

Example: The color has been able to windward the fierce sun shimmer.

Definition 2. to salute the personal estate of display (deterioration or tuning in color)

Similar Words: rot, corrode, fade, deteriorate

As factor of Idiomatic Expressions

Phrase used as an idiom: "under the weather" = funny or not well

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